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What Master the Mainframe is all about…
Businesses rely on technology, and system reliability is essential. In fact, some businesses lose millions of dollars for every minute their systems are down. In addition, businesses process A LOT of data, think credit card transactions, and it needs to be fast – milliseconds fast. But with over 6.4M records being lost or stolen daily, businesses need not only speed, but also extreme security to protect privacy.

This is what the IBM Z platform specializes in – 99.999% uptime, millions of transactions per second, and 100% encryption with no application changes. Businesses need people (like you) to run and develop on this critical technology. That’s what Master the Mainframe is all about, introducing you to the platform and different ways to code and work with it to help you gain skills and land a job.

Learning IBM Z technology can be applied to a wide variety of industries for career opportunities

System Programmer

Application Programmer

Offering Manager

Application Developer

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