Part One

Success is a matter of reading the instructions carefully!

Carefully read everything below, such as password reset handling, etc.

Part One objective is to logon to z/OS and complete a few simple tasks.

'No Experience Necessary' -- You will be shown exactly what to do.

Contest IDs:

 Each contestant has a unique ID consisting of a numeric identifier following the Z.

 When Z##### is mentioned or shown in a screen shot, substitute your assigned ID
 or the challenges will not work as designed.

 Example - If your ID is Z00001, then replace Z##### with Z00001 when completing challenges.
Passwords and Password Resets
  • First system logon requires you to enter password sent to you in confirmation email
      The system prompts to enter a new password that only you would know
      The system prompts to enter the new password a second time for verification
  • In the event a logon attempt results in
  • Self service password reset application is available
  • Use Master the Mainframe Slack Workspace to reset password
    Password Reset Instructions
  • If a password reset is still needed after following instructions:
      -- Request password reset in the contest slack 'Password Reset' channel.
      -- Be sure to include your unique ID when requesting password reset in the slack channel.
Web Page Navigation
  • When the instruction web page is large, then drop downs are visible
  • When the instruction web page is small, then the drop downs may not be visible
  • When the instrucion web page is small, then click + symbol to view sections

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