Number Hunt
Part Two - Challenge #15


Challenge requires the sum of 6 numbers. You must find the 6 numbers to sum.

Number Hunt has become a very popular challenge and enjoyed by many contestants. The Number Hunt requires applying many of the skills acquired in Part 2.

A correct number is required to complete the challenge.

The correct number is the sum of 6 numbers from 5 separate data sources.
The 5 data sources include:

  1. Sequential Data Set Name
  2. Partitioned Data Set Member Name
  4. Unix File Name
  5. DB2 Table

Each number may be in any of the following 3 formats:

  2. ASCII
  3. Packed Decimal

You are given a data source name, record number in the data source followed by the starting and ending column number in the record. You are not given the number character encoding. You know it is numeric. You need to determine the format by viewing the hexadecimal representation.

Sum all the numeric values. The sum is the answer for completing the challenge.

Summary Information About the Challenge

You are prepared to complete the challenge based upon what you learned in previous Part 2 challenges.

What you learned in previous Part 2 challenge:

  • Edit, View, or Browse sequential data set names
  • Edit, View, or Browse partitioned data set member names
  • Edit, View, or Browse VSAM data set
  • Edit, View, or Browse unix file names
      Use Data Set List Utility panel (3.4), then enter /z/z##### ....substituting your ID for z#####
      Enter 'e', 'v', or 'b' to the left of any file to edit, view, or browse the data
  • Use ISPF primary and line commands to
      - display column ruler
      - display hexadecimal values
      - move forward, backward, right, and left in data set
  • Interpret a packed decimal format
      - packed decimal number can be positive or negative
      - a negative packed decimal number requires a subtraction operation when summing the numbers
  • Use Db2 for z/OS SQL interactively to 'select' data from a DB2 table


Locate, identify, and sum 6 numbers from 5 unique z/OS data sources

Character Encoding Table is available to help complete the challenge.

Enter the command below from ISPF command line to create the challenge data sources.

tso submit 'zos.public.jcl(p2final)'

REMINDER: Substitute your ID for Z#####

Sum the 6 numbers found in the specified record and column positions from the following data sources:

  • Data Set Name Z#####.HUNT1
      #1 Record 10 Column 12 to 15
  • Data Set Name Z#####.HUNT2 - member name HUNT2
      #2 Record 3 Column 1 to 2
  • VSAM Data Set Name Z#####.HUNT3
      #3 Record 1 Column 13 to 15
  • Unix File Name /z/z#####/hunt4
      #4 Record 2 Column 18 to 21
      #5 Record 5 Column 1 to 2
      #6 Column PHONENUMBER where EMPLOYEENUMBER = '200140'

Actions to complete challenge successfully

Take the following steps to record your answer for scoring:

  1. Edit Z#####.JCL member name P2DONE
  2. Modify 0000 value located on the last line to the sum of the 6 numbers
  3. Submit JCL with the modified value

Successful complete of P2DONE writes answer to P2.OUTPUT(#15) and deletes data sources

You demonstrated the ability to locate and convert specified data fields from a variety of data formats within a variety z/OS data sources in the final challenge of Part 2.

Congratulations! You just completed Part 2. Time to check your work.

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